End of the Year Sales Report


My friends are my gods because they bless me. 2015 was amazing and so demanding that I don’t know how I can I ever thank my amazing staff for making sure that my blogs, social media and so many little things were taken care of on a daily basis, and sometimes at a moment’s notice. Thank you so much Alex and Emi. You make so much of my work possible with your dedication and implementation.

I give everything to my work. With the exception of a two week stint in Los Angeles in August, I still haven’t been in one city for more than a week since June. Those cities include Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington D.C., Roanoke, Nashville and Winston-Salem, which is where I am now until I go to NYC in a few days. I’m not sure how many times I went from LA to NYC, but I do know that I’m looking forward to a bit of rest in February.

2015’s poetry milestone for me was being featured in Southampton Review. They picked a weird poem called “Giraffe Autopsy” that I wrote during a Francis Bacon immersion; I found a giraffe autopsy video and was in love. The piece was reprinted in Skid Row Penthouse. For 2016, I’m particularly thrilled about having work in Poetry Ireland and, on the real flip side of things, the poem “Fish Boy” about my father and I will appear in Asimov’s Science Fiction. It’s not a literary magazine, but the trade science fiction magazine was something my father and I read. The magazine started so many great science fiction writers that publication there feels like a real rite of passage.

In 2015, I also purchased C&R Press, which I direct with Andrew Sullivan, and PANK magazine, which I co-edit with the amazing poet Ashley M. Jones and author and model Chris Campanioni. C&R will publish some major authors this year, and PANK will continue to rise to the occasion of everything good. I will continue to run Fjords alongside these other important literary works.


In 2015, my work appeared in: A Capella Zoo, Arena, Belleville Park Pages, Carbon Culture, The Caterpillar, Clockhouse, Glitterwolf, KYIV (Ukranian translation, thanks Steve Komarnykyj, Manhattan Review, The Moth, Paris Lit Up, Prelude, Rhino, Saint Ann’s Review, SAND, Skid Row Penthouse, Southampton Review, St. Petersburg Review, Texas Review, White Hot Magazine and Anthology of Appalachian Writers Homer Hickman Edition (Shepherd University, 2015) featured my poetry.

In 2016, poems are scheduled to appear in: Agenda, Arena, Asimov’s Science Fiction, December Dogwood, Handsome, Lumina, Mudfish, Poetry Ireland, Rhino, Sport Literate, Zymbol and the anthologies Anthology of Appalachian Writers Nikki Giovanni Edition (Shepherd University, 2016), Poet’s Quest for God Anthology (Eyewear, 2016).

In 2015, blackouts from the Out of Context collection appeared in White Hot Magazine alongside an interview featured at ART BASEL, and others are scheduled to be featured at SCOPE as well as appear in Gargoyle, Echolocation and Excellent People with an accompanying essay.