The Yardstick: Being Available as a Magazine in the 21st Century

FJORDS-IPAD-PORTRAITAfter a lot of hard work and planning, Fjords is going to be available on all devices (tablets, computers and smart phones). We’re still going to appear twice yearly in print, but we will appear digitally four times per year on devices and feature guest editors with focused issues on African American writers, women writers and certain literary movements. We looked into so many options to become digitally available before deciding on what we thought would work best and provide the highest visibility. As a smaller magazine in 300 bookstores, we have to really plan everything out to stay sustainable and relevant.

We’ll be available in the next month, so please visit our home page at to find our interactive and completely linked issues there. We’ll also have free device editions for our hard copy subscribers. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see us do digitally that we haven’t done in print by sending an email to FJORDS-IPAD-LS